Wednesday, March 21, 2012

family illness

So it has been a very long two weeks because my children had overlapping colds.  This virus has been going around heavily in our church as small as it is.  My friends and I have been in and out of the doctor office and ER and I believe my children are all finally over the hump of it and seem to just have mild symptoms. My son was on three different antibiotics of which I am not all that happy with but he suffered a high fever for a week and a half with a double ear infection.  Emma soon was on the same antibiotic and three days later our little baby Savannah had it as well. Savannah was the only one I took to the ER because in the middle of the night her cough had become much worse and with her only being an infant my husband and I thought it would be best to take her in and have her checked out.  We are all finally better after many restless nights.  We have beautiful spring weather this week and have been just enjoying having the windows open and playing outside.  I am off to bake a homemade pineapple upside down cake for the open house at my husband's office.  I will post a recipe with picture for anyone who wants it.

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