Monday, May 14, 2012

Our Daily Schedule

I enjoy reading of other family's schedules and learning how they operate so I thought I would wright mine up.  This does not always get followed to the minute but very close.  I nurse on demand and have only small children so I must be flexible.

 6:30am- I wake up, Bible reading, shower, and get ready, start load of laundry
  7:30am- Kids wake up, get dressed, brush hair, brush teeth
  8:00am- Mommy makes breakfast and unload dishwasher/ Kids put away pajamas and make beds
  8:30am- Breakfast/ Read Proverbs for the day
  9:00am- Mommy nurses baby/ Kids play with toys in bedroom
  9:30am- Emma and Landon start School*
10:00am- Nurse baby and put her down for a morning nap
11:30am- Finish School, Kids have free time/Mommy nurse baby, Switch Laundry, Make Lunch
12:30pm- Lunch and clean table
  1:00pm- Play Outside*
  1:20pm- Read Books, nurse baby
  1:30pm- Nap Time for kids/ Mommy blogs and email, then put laundry away, finish chores
  3:00pm- Kids wake up from nap time and have a snack, nurse baby
  3:15pm- Play Outside
  4:00pm- Start Dinner with kids helping me, iron my husband's clothes for the next day
  5:00pm- Nurse Baby, Daddy comes home and we have dinner
  6:00pm- Kids play with Daddy while Mommy cleans kitchen
  6:30pm- Bath Time for kids
  7:00pm- Brush Teeth and Put on Pajamas, Nurse Baby
  7:30pm- Family Worship
  8:00pm- Children are tucked into bed/Mommy and Daddy spend time together
  9:30pm- We go to bed
 *When the temperature rises and it becomes too hot to be outside in the afternoon we will start having our playtime outside before we start school and will stay inside during the hottest parts of the day.

So that is our day to day life.  What are your schedules like?

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