Monday, May 7, 2012

Team Tristin

Saturday, my family and I participated in the annual Step up for SIDS walk.  My husband's business has supported and attended this event the last three years.  I hadn't until this year because now it is personal.
This precious baby boy is the son of my best friend that I have been very close to since we were in grade school.  Our last two pregnancies we were pregnant together. This is Tristin Robert Lee McLaughlin.  He was born July 9, 2011 and went to be in the arms of Jesus December 21, 2011.  He has a big sister who is only 2 and a twin sister. Family and friends miss him terribly.  Team Tristin was formed as we remember this little angel. There was a 5k, memmory walk, and a balloon launch.

A Mother's Christmas Wish

by Anna McLaughlin on Friday, December 23, 2011 at 5:06am ·
My Dearest Baby Sister Leah wrote this for me. She used my words, from my darkest hour. She turned my words of pain into something beautiful. Thank you Leah, I love you.
A few day ago, whenever someone asked me what I wanted for Chirstmas, I always responded with stuff such as: movies, books, or cds.
But now I just want my little boy back and to hold him close to me.
I think about the joyful times we had together.
How we'd laugh together, play together, and sometimes cry together.
When my baby came home, I thought all the hard times were through.
Now even the smallest of his things are just too hard to view.
He was the greatest baby boy a mother could ever ask for.
He was always moving, always smiling. He was never a bore.
His Daddy, sisters, and I loved him so much.
But now he's just too far away to touch.
I'll never get to see him grow into the man I know he'd become.
To see him off to kindergarten, come home, and tell me his teacher made him fall in love.
To see him in his first spelling bee
And see him proudly hold up his participation ribbon up high for everyone to see.
I'll never get to see him go through his awkward stage in junior high
Where he smels bad all the time and his emotions run high.
I'll never get to see him off to his first junior prom
Or to see him make his first touchdown pass after someone went long.
But what breaks my heart the most in all these things I'll never get to see him do,
Is to see him fall in love, get married, and have kids too.
Because I know he would have been a great husband and father anyone would want.
He would have been truthful, loving, and honest without ever being blunt.
My time was cut short though and I can't wonder but why.
Why my son was taken from me when the night was drawing nigh.
I keep going through the things I could have done different,
Thinking that what I would have done would've had some meaning to it.
But I know that God has a plan for everything, even if I don't quite know it yet.
I loved my little Tristin, even though it seemes like we had barely met.
I know I can't bring him back so instead I have just on more Christmas wish:
"Jesus, hold my baby tight. Tell my baby I love him. Tell my baby I'm sorry. Give my baby my kiss."
Tristin, I love you. You were the best son a mother could ever be blessed with.
I'm sorry we can't be together for now, but just wait for me and you'll grant me my Christmas wish.
I'll never forget you or ever stop loving you my Bubba Boy.

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