Sunday, March 27, 2011

Agard Barber Shop

My son's hair has been getting way too long that a stranger this week thought he was a girl.  It is also curly and I love his curls, but he is a boy so there comes a time when a hair cut is needed.  My daughter who is 3 has never had a hair cut.  I really want to get some clippers and learn to do his hair myself because it will cost us $15 every 2-4 weeks( depending on how long I let it go). 
At the moment, I cannot afford haircuts for him or clippers.  So, I got out the scissors and went at it.  I thought I should at least take the length off.  I hope I didn't do too bad.  No one at church said anything, or at least no one except my mother in-law.  Oh well, it will grow back.
I know it isn't perfect, but he would not hold still and I have never cut hair before.

Emma loved watching, however, she did not want me coming near her hair with the scissors.


  1. I think you did a excellent job cutting hair :-) I do our little one my husband's and mine too, I hate paying money for that

  2. Oh thanks! I hope to do it for our family for now on. My husband prefers to go to a barber shop but maybe eventually I can convince him to let me do it.