Sunday, March 20, 2011

Busy Sunday

Today was a pretty busy Sunday.  We rose early and I made sausage, biscuits, and gravy for breakfast.  Then rushed around getting myself and the kids all ready for church.  My husband goes an hour and a half before us because he is standing in as the music minister at the moment because the one we had unexpectedly left our church a few weeks ago.  Upon arriving one of the deacons open the door to the sanctuary for us and my children went in before me and then he stopped me to get me a bulletin.  Next thing I know Landon is just about at the pulpit to get to his Daddy.  I had to run up there grab him and then have the embarrassment of walking to our back pew with him.  Not to far into it Landon starts throwing a temper tantrum and I had to evacuate to the nursery.  Then finished the service with my husband in peace.  We then came home for a quick lunch and I got the kids down for their naps.  My sister and her husband came over later in the afternoon to discuss their wedding plans. (They eloped and still want a church wedding the first Saturday of June and have planned nothing so far).  From there I got Emma ready for her daddy to take her to AWANA at our church and got Landon and I ready to go visit my great Aunt Sue in the hospital.  My mom and I, while carrying a toddler, walked all over that hospital in circles and could not find where my Aunt's room was and hospital staff were no help.  We eventually gave up and went home. Now I am about to get my kids ready for bed for another busy day tomorrow.  Hope you all had a wonderful Sunday.


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