Thursday, April 21, 2011

Please pray for my son Landon

Update: My son's hand is doing so much better.  It is healing right up although it still doesn't look pretty it is so much better than it was.  I was a little concerned it had gotten infected, but it seems to had just been swollen as it was healing. Praise the Lord it was not any more severe.

My 18 month old son is always getting into things he shouldn't and climbing and getting hurt.  Two days ago he climbed on the table and found a knife.  He cut his hand deeply.  I ran to him and my husband followed.  I felt he needed stitches, but my husband didn't think anything would be done if we took him to the ER.  We put butterfly stitches on it and bandaged it up.  The bleeding had stopped and all could have been well, but that baby boy can't stand anything on his finger( the cut is on his thumb), and he keeps pulling the bandage off and it bleeds all over again.  Yesterday, while my husband was at work, he pulled the bandage off and I couldn't get the bleeding to stop so I loaded the kids up and took him to a doctor.  Although I walked in there squeezing his hand with a rag, they still made us wait an hour and a half to be seen.  When the doctor saw him he said he couldn't do anything because the injury was more than 12 hours old.  So they cleaned it and put a band aid on it.  I told the nurse it wasn't even going to stay on long enough to make it home.  I was about right, it was off within 20 min.  That is how it has been going lately.  This will be day three of every 5-20 minutes he is pulling off the bandage despite how thick the tape on it and causing his cut to gash open again and I have to grab a rag and redo it again.  I am not sure it is ever going to heal at this rate and the doctor will not do anything about it.

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  1. you could put tape on it. I know it sounds bad but it works like a butterfly stitch and it is stickier so that it will be harder to pull off. I have put tape on my cuts and they healed nicely. (You do have to do it, just an idea.)