This is a picture from my wedding 5 years ago.  It was so much easier to plan my own wedding then my sister's.
Also this week we have spent most of our time outside at parks or even just in our backyard.  We just got Landon a battery powered car which goes 1 mph.  He took some time to figure out how to work it but has it down now.  He is so cute driving around in it. Emma has been learning how to pedal well on her tricycle and she will get the new bike next year.

 She also has four stuffed animals in which she says are her kittens and she is the mama cat.  She must carry them everywhere with her and in order to leave the house without them we have to find a babysitter. We had trouble finding a suitable sitter to leave them with while we were at church today.  She prepares food for them, sings to them, and rocks them to sleep. This little game has lasted over three weeks now and it can be very cute, but also obnoxious at times. She is just a little mommy in training.
The pregnancy is going well and I am feeling our little girl moving around often and I look forward to being able to hold her in my arms.