Saturday, April 14, 2012

Moving Day

Today we are moving to an apartment for the next year.  We got the keys yesterday.  We didn't want to do apartment life again, however, we had to find something fast, economical, in a safe neighborhood, and there were no homes to be found.  It isn't that bad though.  We will be on ground level so we won't have to worry about stairs or the kids jumping around on the floor disturbing people below us.  They have an indoor pool which will be awesome to have for the kids.  I am looking forward to having less space to have to clean up.  Well, I better get packing.


  1. Wow! Happy Moving to ya! We too are down-sizing and's alot of work huh?! But it's a good thing - it will be cheaper for us and as you pointed out...less to clean :)

    1. Thanks, It is a lot of work. We didn't get to spend our first night here because of tornadoes. My husband had us all go back to the house after we had moved all our beds and hide out in the basement under the stairs. We had eight adults, three children, and three dogs crammed in there half the night. We are thankful it did not hit us. We are getting this place arranged and put back together. Happy moving to you too. Thanks for reading and I love hearing from you.