Thursday, April 12, 2012

Children Are A Blessing

Moore Family films is currently letting us all view their movie Children Are a Blessing free during the month of April.

From their website:

Thinking Biblically

There is a popular saying in the Church today: "If the Lord is not the Lord of all, He is not Lord at all." Of course, the Lord is the Lord of all whether we acknowledge Him as Sovereign over all things or not. What is meant by this phrase is that we desire to submit willingly to the Lord in every area of our lives. But do we? Does just saying this make it so? We must look to the Word of God to provide us with the answers to all the issues of life and, from a willing heart, obey the principles found therein.

The opening and closing of the womb is clearly articulated in Scripture to be the work of the Lord (see Gen. 20:18, Gen. 29:31, Gen. 30:2 and 22, 1 Sam. 1:5-6). So, does it please the Lord when His people prevent the blessing of children and attempt to control the womb? Has He changed His position on this issue, or have we? Is it really the "responsible thing to do," or could it be an attempt to thwart God's plan for our families? Who or what should determine the number of children we should have: our friends or relatives, our career, the size of our house or vehicle, earthly treasures, our weekly paycheck, or just simply our own desires? Should this be the standard by which we decide, or have we ever stopped to ask God how many children He has "planned" for our families? Shouldn't we as Christians simply and willingly trust Him to open and close the womb as He sees fit and as His Word declares?

Interestingly, the term pro-life is used to describe the anti-abortion stance, and rightly so; however, the very name means "for life," also implying "not preventing life." Should we not also consider that the prevention of children with potentially abortifacient drugs (such as the birth control pill) or other methods of "planning" family size would be wrong as well? Is a chemically induced abortion any better than a surgical one? The only difference is that with the former method, no one really knows how many children have been aborted, and with the latter it is, of course, obvious. Regretfully, my wife and I speak from experience. We understand all the arguments, but the bottom line is: if we value life, we must value it on God's terms, not ours! (For additional reading, check out Nancy Campbell's book Be Fruitful and Multiply, A Full Quiver, by Rick and Jan Hess, and the article How "The Pill" Led to Societal Infantilism by Geoffrey Botkin).

The purpose of Children are a Blessing is to encourage families to trust in the truth of the Word of God for the blessing of children and to heighten awareness of how humanistic and secular philosophies have impacted our thinking and ultimately our actions. Sadly, even most of the church today has been impacted by these philosophies. May the Lord remove the scales from our eyes, the deception from our minds, and awaken us from our slumber to clearly see His everlasting and unchanging Truth - that children are a gift from Him to be raised for His glory, no matter how many He chooses to give us (See Psalm 127-128).

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