Monday, April 30, 2012

Tutu Party Studio

Emma got invited to a birthday party at the Tutu party studio. It was so neat to watch and I enjoyed watching her have so much fun. I took several pictures and I thought I would share them with you.

As the girls arrived they all got  their nails painted, hair done, a little lip gloss and cheek jewels, and princess accessories.
After all the girls were all dressed up they were instructed to go to a stage to get some photos taken. Birthday girl is in the pink chair.
Then it was craft time and all the adorable princesses sat at a table to make and decorate picture frames.
Then it was time for princess party games such as pin the jewels on the princess
Then the pretty little princesses were hungry and they got to eat this nice spread.

The studio is ran by a woman and her daughter and son. They were so great with the girls and seemed very happy with their job. They are all inclusive from the invitations down to the party favors the kids get to take home. The girls got to keep everything they were wearing. It was a very neat experience and I am so glad my daughter had the opportunity to go.

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