Monday, April 23, 2012

What you will no longer find in my refrigerator!!!

I grew up on margarine and it was fed to us with the idea that it was a healthier alternative to butter.  In my teens I started having a strong interest in health and fitness and learned it is always best to eat things in their most natural forms.  I check labels and strive to not purchase anything that has hydrogenated in the nutrition label and had once before switched to butter.  Then I got married and mostly due to the cost difference started buying margarine again.  That is until a week ago when I learned that margarine is only 1 molecule away from being plastic and is contaminated with nickel, which can cause liver cancer, kidney disease, depression and more.  It is also artificially colored.  I can no longer feed this to my family with a good conscience so I am now going to permanently switch to butter and if we cannot afford it we will do without. Butter is simply made from the cream that rises to the top if milk is allowed to sit for a time. The cream is churned and this causes a chemical reaction that causes the cream to harden slightly, giving it the buttery consistency.  The margarine went in the trash and will never find its place in my fridge again.

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