Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Family Worship

It has been laid heavily on mine and my husband's hearts to really start implementing family worship.  We are now ending our day together as a family.  We started reading through the book of Job and are now going to read through the new testament.  The kids have a little free time after dinner while I clean the kitchen and then have a bath and get completely ready for bed.  We then all gather around while Daddy reads from the Bible.  Our children are expected to sit quietly with their hands in their laps and eyes on their Daddy. After the reading we all discuss the passages of scripture and sing together from the hymnal and end in prayer.  After just three weeks of doing this daily all our children can sit quietly with us during service on Sunday and truly listen. Since we practice at home we expect our children to participate in church and have changed our goal from keeping them quiet to teaching them to worship. 

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