Friday, June 29, 2012

homemade yogurt in the crock pot

I am now a successful yogurt maker.  I had been reading up on all the benefits of homemade yogurt and also had an abundance of milk to use up so I made up my mind to try it out.  My children are enjoying bowls of fresh homemade yogurt right now as I type this. And I sent my husband to work with a yogurt smoothie.

Health Benefits of homemade yogurt:

  • You have control over what is in your yogurt. Conventional yogurts are often packed with preservatives, gelatin, and artificial colors and flavorings.
  • Lower Sugar then commercial yogurt. You could eat it plain if you like the taste or use a natural sweetener such as honey or fruit.
  • Yogurt contains beneficial bacteria that can help aid digestion and get rid of bloating. These bacteria include Lactobacillus bulgaricus and Streptococcus thermophilus, which help the body digest the lactose found in dairy products. Most commercial yogurts are pasteurized, which can kill some of the active bacteria. Eating homemade yogurt can also be beneficial for people taking antibiotics; the bacteria in the yogurt can replenish any "good" bacteria the antibiotic may have killed along with the "bad" bacteria. 
  • It is way cheaper then store bought

I found the recipe with thorough instructions here.

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