Thursday, June 28, 2012

Play Date

We had a busy day today. My friend came over this morning with her two little girls ages 2 and 11 months.  We all went swimming in our pool for a couple hours and burned off all our energy.  I decided to do a simple lunch since right when we walked back in the house all the littles decided they should have been fed 20 minutes ago and were all fussy. Turkey sandwiches, carrot sticks, cucumber slices, and cantaloupe were on the menu and chopped banana for the babies.

We then had to get all five children 4 and under down for a nap so my friend could head off to her OB appointment.  All five children were asleep by 2:30pm (only an hour past schedule) and I had just laid Savannah down and had my hands free and feeling like I could totally handle it if I were to be a mother of five small children. Well, I only managed to get a bottle in the fridge when Rustin (11 month old preemie) wakes up crying.  I ran to her and settled her back down to sleep and just held her until her sister came out an hour later hollering for her mother waking up ALL other children whom two were not at all ready to be awake and cranky.  

I was juggling two babies whom both were wanting held at the same time and the other three started getting restless so we decided to make some rice crispy treats together which was loved and devoured by all.  My friend came back in while we were making these and thankfully took both babies in her arms so I could have use of both my hands.  The kids had a blast having them over today and now I am ready to just relax this evening.  I must say I love babies and children and having them around me at all times.  Today I got an extra baby to rock to sleep how lucky am I.  

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