Tuesday, October 23, 2012


My poor husband had to be taken into the hospital in the middle of the night due to extreme abdominal pains. He had been suffering for a couple of days, but did not want to have to see a doctor. He finally could take it no more and insisted on going. We had to wait in the ER for four hours before a doctor came to see him and got the pain under control. It didn't take much for them to diagnose it as appendicitis. He was then scheduled for surgery first thing in the morning. I stayed over night with him while my mom stayed with the kids. It was a hard night for baby Savannah for she and I had never been apart that long before.

After the surgery, his surgeon explained to us that his appendix had indeed ruptured and he had a massive infection. He told me he would have to be kept for a few days. Once Matt was set up in his room, I headed home so I could care for our children for awhile and Matt's mother and brother were staying with him. I was only at home a few hours when Matt calls me saying they were going to discharge him. I was shocked but the resident said he was doing well and could come home. By the time I had Matt home it was 8pm and he got himself comfortable on the couch and fell fast asleep. Once I had all the kids asleep in bed, I decided to leave him be and go to bed myself.

I slept like a rock that night from missing my sleep the night before, and was awoken at 7am to Matt telling me something was very wrong and we needed to go back to the hospital. Adrenalin kicked in and I quickly called my dad(who lives the closest) over to watch the kids and got him returned to the ER where we unfortunately had to start that whole process over again. My husband apparently was never able to eat or go to the bathroom and yet was discharged without them making sure he could do so. He was again in extreme pain and extremely dehydrated due to constant vomiting of biol matter.

Matt was kept there for 8 days and allowed nothing but an IV for nourishment as we waited for his bowels to start working again. We tried to get him walking a few times each day and a small walk would wear him out for hours. It seemed the hospital staff was doing nothing for him but keeping him so doped up on pain killers that he could not function at all but to sleep and did not even know who I was. Pain killers were causing a worse back up and when I was able to get Matt to understand what all was going on he started insisting on smaller dosages and less frequent. By the end of the week he finally started acting more like himself and his body began to function.

He is home now and is continuing to heal. His doctor said it will take four weeks before he is fully healed. The week was hard on us all as I was trying to stay with my husband as much as I possibly could. My children are very happy to have both Mommy and Daddy back at home and their normal routine back in place. I was very thankful to my parents helping out with my children and to our church whom brought meals over each night he was in the hospital. God is so faithful and has seen us through another tough circumstance.

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