Thursday, October 25, 2012

My little baby has gone and turned 5 on me

Not sure what happened when I uploaded the pictures so please excuse the lines in them.

Birthday season has come again and Emma starts it off.  She turned 5 on August 15 and is in Kindergarten this year.  We had a small party for her at home on her birthday where she got to pick the menu for all three meals including a dessert for after dinner and she received a few small gifts.
        Breakfast: Snowman pancakes(In the summer? Yep!)
        Lunch: Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwiches, carrot sticks, and applesauce
        Dinner: Shrimp Lomein
        Dessert: Chocolate Cupcakes

5 Fun Facts About Emma
1. She loves to sing all the time! She makes up the most beautiful songs which are usually about Jesus.
2. She is not shy at all and will talk to anyone and everyone she sees.
3. She absolutely loves being the oldest sibling and wants to have a dozen more siblings. 
4. Dreams of becoming a zoo keeper so that she can play with chimpanzees all day long, but wants to be a mommy most of all.
5. She loves to play dress up everyday and will take pieces of costumes and fabrics and design new dresses.

The following Saturday we had a party where we invited all our friends and family.  This was complete with swimming, food, games, and cake.  We all had such a great time celebrating the life of such a sweet and lovable little girl.

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